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Our Clinic and Doctors

AKS Clinic is the one-stop destination for all hair, skin, and dental problems. The clinic has been very effectively run by Dr. Akhilendra Singh & Dr. Khusboo Singh. Due to the high-quality services and excellent success record over the past few years, AKS Clinic has managed to build strong goodwill for itself.

The biggest USP of AKS Clinic is that it is equipped with the most advanced and latest tools, techniques, and machinery that have played a significant role in its success. The entire team at AKS Clinic is highly experienced and potential. They have the right skill-set in terms of performing hair growth treatments for patients.

The overall success rate of AKS Clinic has been immense and great, and this is a mixture of highly qualified doctors, innovative ways used, advanced equipment, etc.

Be it any hair or skin issues, the AKS Clinic professionals have always been relied on no matter what for the best treatment provided.

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Hair Treatment Result

We all love having beautiful, soft, shiny hair. However, everything we hope does not come true easily. Especially during the current times, due to the lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping patterns, and stress we are all into, we damage our hair unknowingly. This is the reason why there are increasing hair-related issues.

One of the pioneer treatments offered at AKS Clinic is hair treatment. People have been suffering from excessive hair problems, and AKS Clinic provides a solution for all of these issues.

Regardless of age, be it a youngster or a senior citizen, anybody can have hair problems, and at AKC Clinic, we are always there to provide that supporting hand for our patients. In no matter of time, we help our patients combat hair problems easily.

An amalgamation of expertise and skill-set is used to perform such high-level treatments. Natural hair treatment is carried out, which comes along with no side effects or chemicals.

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Beard Transplant Result

Growing a beard isn't very simple for men, and a beard for many men does not grow uniformly, resulting in patchy facial hair. Sometimes, even genes play a huge role in how the beard grows and appears on the face.

At AKS Clinic, our professionals do a thorough check and provided well-tested beard transplant results.

There are a few things that we educate our outpatients about the whole process of beard transplant, which are:

  1. The beard's transplanted hair comes from the own scalp; mainly, the back area of the head is where there is excessive growth of thick hair. Hence that area is targeted for transplantation.
  2. Our surgeons first do a thorough analysis and then use the best source for the transplant.
  3. Surgeons make sure that there is consistency in the color of the beard and texture.
  4. Post 15 to 20 days of the surgery, the transplanted hair starts to fall, and the newer beard follicles get ready for proper and rapid growth.
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Conference and Awards

AKS Clinic in Delhi & NCR has always been at the forefront of being recognized as one of the best clinics for hair and skin treatment. The founders Dr. Akhilendra Singh & Dr. Khusboo Singh, are supremely talented and skilled. Hence, they have managed to bring many laurels to the clinic.

Here are the primary awards and recognition received by AKS Clinic:

  • AKS Clinic won the award for best hair transplant, laser, and skin clinic in Delhi & NCR.
  • Bollywood superstar Govinda had honored Dr. Akhilendra Singh for his extraordinary contribution to the hair transplant industry.
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